Why I’m Not Getting the DJI Mavic Air

DJI Mavic Air Drone 00

The new DJI Mavic Air drone.

This is probably one of the coolest products DJI has released to date. It is the most compact and refined package they offer, and it’s perfect for non-professionals like me. It’s also $800, which is within reach… and it could serve as an awesome tool for photography and video. I was compelled to buy it because I imagined myself taking breathtaking clips when I travel, exploring the coastline of California, and taking some insane landscapes.

I was close to pulling the trigger and ordering one this past week, but I’ve decided to hold off. It was in my cart, literally one click away from being mine. But I stopped and asked myself if a drone was going to make me a better photographer?

And the answer is… probably not. 😢

To make my work better, I need to focus on telling a story. I think it could be a powerful tool in the right hands, but I’m honestly not there yet. For now, I’m going to stick with the basics. And if I need a drone shot, I’ll call up my friends with the gear to help me out.

Look at the photos below and tell me if you care if they were shot on a drone or not.

Mittfriluftsliv 23417135 136216090472165 4166994922894786560 n

IG photo by: mittfriluftsliv

Maxrivephotography 26155940 2067994923429978 2880689206001139712 n

IG photo by: maxrivephotography

Earthfocus 25006733 1454377811328103 4279898828443746304 n

IG photo by: earth focus

Moodygrams 24274582 982136365259264 2339175756476710912 n

IG photo by: simona_br_photography

Maxrivephotography 23823188 386773735069499 4570748516170727424 n

IG photo by: maxrivephotography

Reneeroaming 17437552 277187489374092 9032380854155870208 n

IG photo by: reneerroaming

Travioor 17663811 185350371974375 8412231557078581248 n

IG photo by: travioor

Moodygrams 23348177 837615489770961 4890819211464540160 n

IG photo by: rizkiw_

Can you tell which ones were shot with a drone? And if you think about it, does it even matter? I bet these photographers could take amazing photos, regardless of whether they had a drone or not.

I’ll eventually get one, but I probably just need to start carrying around my DSLR more often.