Razer Gear


A complete set of Razer products at the Razer store in San Francisco.

So, I’ll admit that I secretly really want some of the gear made by Razer. The lights really don’t serve any purpose other than looking really cool. You don’t need be a Twitch streamer to appreciate this stuff—LED color changing lights are bad ass.

Foo, I thought of you when I saw this. I’m surprised you don’t have your entire home setup decked out with this stuff. The Razer mouse pad retails for $51.99, and their Mamba mouse is $79.44.

Ps. Check out that bokeh in the photo above. Rainbow bokeh! It doesn’t top my christmas tree bokeh though.


The Razer store hosting a game tournament on Friday afternoon in the mall.


The Razer store located in Westfield Mall in SF

This is a really cool store. I’ve been there a couple of times. I may actually try to compete at the next Hearthstone tournament. ^_^

Peak Design Camera Strap and Clip Quick Review


This is the Peak Design CapturePRO clip

I’ve been eyeing the Peak Design Camera Strap for a few months now, and I at last, I got around to purchasing it. I can certainly say that peak design products are built with quality in mind.


The base plate attached to the clip.

I typically use this clip on my book bag. It’s probably one of the best accessories I’ve purchased. It holsters my camera perfectly. I love that my hands are free, and if an opportunity for a photo shows itself, I can access it without opening my book bag.


The Peak Design Camera Strap SL-2.

The SL-2 isn’t the cheapest strap, but it’s pretty comfortable. I would say it’s on the bulky side, so I’d only recommend this to people who are carrying a pretty hefty camera. If you’re using a full frame, you can go for the LITE version instead.


The strap is padded, fairly wide, and it’s made of a seat belt-like material.


The adjustment mechanism is clever and easy to tweak.


The strap comes with a base that’s compatible with the SL-2.


The actual quick release clip is ergonomic, though it’s a little on the tight side (to ensure a strong connection).


Very nice microfiber bag that comes along with the strap.

I’m really looking forward to using my Peak Design strap soon. I’ll let you guys know how it goes.