More Photos of Noodle and Ellie


Noodle giving her uber-cute look.

These little critters are so photogenic. It’s been a joy taking pictures of them over the last few days.


Noodle getting a treat from Annie.


Ellie looking up, giving an evil face.


Noodle sleeping on her ultra-soft blanket.


Ellie observing the world from her favorite spot.

Ps. I just ordered a new lens. I told myself that I would add a new piece of glass to my collection every year. It’s been kind of crazy over the last two months, so I haven’t had a chance to invest into some glass. I’ll do a post on it soon. Stay tuned for more cat photos.

Photos of Noodle and Ellie


Photo of Annie holding Noodle for a portrait next to the window.

Here are some black and white photos of Noodle and Ellie. Everything was shot using my 35mm. Unfortunately half of the photos were out of focus—I was having some sort of back-focusing issue with my camera. I think I fixed the problem though. I was able to make some adjustments in the settings on my D600, so hopefully that resolves it.


Photo of Noodle walking towards Carrie to get a treat.


Noodle and Ellie hanging out by the window.


Carrie holding Ellie.

I probably should have shot this at F2.2—the depth of field was a little too shallow, and the focus was off by about an inch.

Oh by the way, I’m back on the east coast now. I’m hoping that I can get my teeth fixed while I’m here. One of our family friends is a dentist, and he said that he should be able to take a look at everything tomorrow. In the mean time, I’ll be working remotely and hanging out with the cats during the week.