RIP H.R. Giger

Hr giger at work

One of my favorite artists, H.R. Giger died. He was a huge influence on me, and I’ve always loved his work. Everything from his Alien design, his paintings, to his furniture.

This is a sad day indeed.

Bass Guitar as Art

00581 02 Nouveau 2

00581 03 nouveau 3

00581 04 nouveau 4

00581 01 nouveau 1

One of my buddies has been creating art for a long time… but his most popular work is actually the most practical—a bass guitar that is as beautiful as it sounds. I’m really proud of him. I may have to order one before they get too expensive! Read more here.

Wire Sculptures by Seung Mo Park

The works shown here are part of the Brooklyn-based artist’s Human series where he recreates the delicate wrinkles and folds of clothing as well as the sinuous musculature of the human body in metallic layers remeniscent of tree rings.

Man, this is pretty impressive. Not sure exactly how he did this, but I’m sure it took FOREVER.

Hat tip: Cat Spencer

Largest ASCII Art Created by 22 Artists

First place winner of the ANSI/ASCII compo at Demosplash 2013, held at Carnegie Mellon University, October 4-5, 2013. The ANSI received the highest honor possible, a perfect score.

This ANSI was created by 22 artists from 6 different countries. At 3,266 lines long, this is far and away the longest ANSI scroller ever created.

Pretty crazy that I used to be a part of this group when I was a kid. Read more here.

Hat tip: RaD Man