AddThis Town Hall

2014 was a great year. Sounds like we’ll be growing our team next year.

DSC 2339

Photo of Rich presenting to the team.

DSC 2347

Should be an interesting year. Growth is always hard—scaling systems, culture, and keeping an eye on revenue/spend.

DSC 2362

This town hall was a little different—there were no slides in the preso.

DSC 2355

It’s nice to shake things up from time to time.

Possible Thieves in Tysons II

I went to a company party tonight and noticed there was a couple driving around doing something very suspicious. A man and women were driving around the parking lot of Tysons II as though they were trying to find a parking spot. Then I saw a girl hop out of the Land Rover and started to check if cars were unlocked.

IMG 0372 2

Anyway, they did this a couple of times, and I assumed they were trying to pull a quick one on folks who left their car doors unlocked.

IMG 0373 2

It was an old Green Land Rover Discovery. Anyway, I reported this to the security immediately and they were on it.

Make sure to lock your doors and don’t leave any valuables in your car this holiday. One of my coworkers had her car broken into yesterday because they left a present visible.

California PT.5: Day 3 (Point Reyes)

So on our way to Point Reyes, we took the scenic route, cutting through the forest and mountains.

DSC 0313

As you can see, Annie enjoying the view of the mountains and the coastline.

DSC 0312

And of course, Annie wanted her selfie. Had to use the flash on this one. ^_^

DSC 0317

The drive was awesome. You can’t really tell phone this photo, but the road undulated the entire way up, down and around.

DSC 0319

It was kind of like skiing, but with 4 wheels. (Ps. Thanks Patrick for lending us your S2000!!)

DSC 0324

I should mention that last time Annie and I went here, we kind of got lost and ended up somewhere completely off the grid. This time around, we kind of knew what we were doing.

DSC 0321

I can’t really express how beautiful the experience was. The variety and change in scenery each mile was overwhelming.

DSC 0330

And here’s a photo by Annie—she *had* to take photos of the deer. I’m not sure why, but it was interesting for her. Lol.

DSC 0338

And now we arrive at what is arguably my favorite part of the trip. This is the California coastline (near Point Reyes) bathed in a sunset. The colors are reminiscent of Dali’s paintings.

DSC 0344

Simply breath taking. I only wish I had that view all the time.

DSC 0350

And finally we arrive at the lighthouse.

DSC 0349

Unfortunately, the lighthouse was closed off… but we still got to see another sunset from a stellar view.

DSC 0370

The sun touching down.

DSC 0386

And look at the gnarly rock. Years of erosion caused the unusual formation.

California Pt.4: Day 3 (Fort Funston)

As you’ll notice, getting up early and watching the sunrise was a nice ritual Annie and I started on our trip… however, Annie was too tired to get up, so I took some photos.

DSC 0270

This photo was taking from Patrick’s apartment. Pretty nice view.

DSC 0306

Later, we went to Fort Funston, a park near San Francisco. You really don’t get the scale of the park in this photo, but that trail is nearly 45 degrees.

DSC 0287

We walked around and snapped a couple photos. I was probably a little stupid and got too close to the edge. Won’t be doing that anymore—I’ve seen youtube videos of people falling to their doom. It’s no joke!

DSC 0290

Apparently the park was some sort of military base, as a first line of defense against an invasion.

DSC 0291

They camouflaged artillery with foliage and dug tunnels to house massive cannons.

DSC 0293

It seemed like there was a view 360 degrees. On one side, you have a beautiful coastline. On the other side, you have civilization (and a golf course).

DSC 0292

I’d probably need a couple more days just to walk around and explore the area.