Clear Night

I figured I’d go by the park to shoot some photos tonight.

EDSC 0163

The funny thing is that a cop stopped by and realized what I was doing.

EDSC 0154

He came by and looked at the photos and let me keep shooting. That was kinda cool.

Shenandoah + Fog

Annie and I went to Shenandoah National Park this past weekend. Unfortunately, there were very small windows between thick fog.

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Since I got a new lens, Annie wanted to take some self portraits. I had to lug around a heavy ass tripod, but the photos actually turned out pretty good (except for the overcast and fog).

1115991 10152525257652955 5282647212755224602 o

I figured since there was so much fog, I might was well make the best of it and shoot some pics of the ride too. Wish my buddy Mark was here to see it.

10700411 10152525257807955 6544870033504607521 o

And of course, the classic foggy tree. No haze filter—this is how it actually looked.

1939656 10152525257527955 6752216993871297635 o

And finally, an opening. This window lasted for about 15 minutes. As you can see, the trees haven’t peaked yet.

10704424 10152525256997955 140563522911908840 o

And the tunnel. You could actually see the fog rolling over the side.

10534158 10152525256577955 7413369087320071489 o

When there were windows of visibility, it was a fun drive.

10480946 10152525256847955 4024533688033870510 o

But you always had to be on the look out for wild life. Yeh, those are wild turkeys.

10256683 10152525256567955 4953595554626216959 o

And Annie, with all her self portraits.

Jony Ive on “Focus”

Asked to name three lessons he learned from Steve Jobs, his former boss at Apple, Ive said Jobs taught him that focus means “not doing something that, with every bone in your body, you think is a phenomenal idea,” if it would prevent you from staying on task. -Vanity Fair

Pretty awesome quote. If you’re working on a product, ask yourself this. Distractions are all around us… learn the discipline to say “no”. Hat tip: Dave

Thursday Thought: Less Swagger, More Pirate

Pirate attack by pbario

Whatever the craft, there exists inside of each of us these two conflicting forces. One that gets caught up in our victories, stokes our egos and inevitable leads to our downfall. The other force only cares for the next win and the fastest route to buried treasure. -Dave Jeyes

This is a nice post by my buddy and comrade at AddThis. In a nutshell, it’s not about being right all the time—it’s about keeping an eye on the treasure.

Often times we can get caught up with politics and trying to prove our worth and intelligence amongst our co-workers, but the team that wins will put all their egos aside to accomplish what is right. Ultimately, everyone can take credit for that kind of success.

AddThis Analytics Refresh

At 52

Big things shaking here at AddThis. We’ve got a refreshed analytics using a card convention. It also sets us up for some things brewing. Stay tuned.

Kudos to the team (you know who you are!) for pulling it off. It’s amazing to see it go from a whiteboard sketch to a real product.

First Astrophotography Shot

DSC 0029

Unfortunately, the long exposure test shots killed my battery before I could capture the lunar eclipse this morning. And, my backup battery was dead too. So, what I have is an overexposed 30 second pic.

Anyway, I wanted to share a test shot—this was 1 hour before the eclipse actually happened.


The photo above was shot and cropped from my iPhone. At least I got something. Lol.