VGHS Season 3

Yeh man, it’s back. Really looking forward to it. I might have to help with with their kick starter. Really digging what Freddy has done over the last couple years. Check out their campaign.

Ghosts Onslaught Trailer: Codnapped

This is absolutely brilliant. I actually watched the whole thing. Boy do they know their audience. Awesome creative direction—every product out there should have a commercial like this to promote their brand. Made me LOL.

Who else is getting it?

Sim Racing with GT5 + Fanatec

IMG 1822

So I finally pulled the trigger on a virtual racing rig at home. It’s a pretty sweet setup by Fanatec.

Does it feel like a real car? It doesn’t have the “seat-of-the-pants” feel, but you get a ton of feedback through the steering wheel. It’s definitely fun. I might have to get an actually seat and a better shifter in the future.

I’ve already learned a bunch from Sim Racing… like picking the right line, controlling the balance of the car, steering with throttle, and making corrections through the steering wheel. Sadly, I still suck at heel-toe. x_X

PS. GT6 is coming out soon.

Dr. Mario

IMG 1865

Who else still plays this? I was literally battling Vinny for hours last weekend. I’m thinning about bringing it to the office… heh.