One Night in Seattle

IMG 1106

Photo of the hotel room I stayed at in Seattle.

Last week I flew to Seattle to hang out with some folks at Convoy. They were nice enough to fly me out there and put me in a nice hotel for the evening.

I’ve been sleeping on a janky bed for so long now, I’ve forgotten what it’s like to have nice sheets, pillows and what not. Yes, I can probably afford to get nicer things, but it’s hard to spend the money when you don’t know where you’ll be in the next year. It’s also nice to live minimal… but there’s an ironic price to owning less.

IMG 1107

View from the hotel room.

The room was super comfortable and had a baller view of the city. I’d like to thank Nicole from Convoy for hooking me up and saving some money. This was awesome.

IMG 1112

View from Convoy’s office.

As I talked to Dan Lewis from Convoy’s headquarters, he pointed out the view of all the new Amazon buildings in the area. And yes, that is one really progressive rain forest green house.

IMG 1115

Another view from the opposite side of the office.

Notice the mountains off in the distance. Call me a sucker for landscapes, but I absolutely love the scenery. Despite it being balls cold, I think Seattle is a pretty nice city. I’m hoping to head up there again for a vacation in the near future (when it gets a little warmer).

IMG 1116

Photo of Amazon Go, while in an Uber heading to the airport.

Holy shit, I thought that Amazon Go was just smoke and mirrors… but they’re actually building one next to the Amazon headquarters in Seattle. I’m a huge believer this is going to be a game changer on so many levels. What a fascinating company.

Anyway, I think there’s some interesting stuff brewing in Seattle.