80-400mm nikon f5.6 lens

another tempting some lens. probably won’t get this… but it’s fun to think about a Quand giant lens that can shoot from 5′ all the cheap jerseys way to half a football field. here weiterleiten are some comments from www.kenrockwell.com/nikon/80400vr.htm

“I love this lens. It is almost always in my bag for film and digital shooting. All you need are this lens and a cheap nba jerseys wide zoom.

This is not a lens for sports or moving subjects, although if you have a top camera like the D1, D2H or F5 wholesale nfl jerseys it does OK. The slow autofocus is potentially limiting unless you have an F5 or D1 or D2 to track fast moving objects, and the slow f/stop means that you’ll have to use slower shutter speeds or faster film to capture things that are in motion. As you know, VR does nothing to stop wholesale nba jerseys your subject; it only eliminates Demuth the need for a tripod.

This lens is intended for handheld architecture, landscapes, animals chilling and still lifes. It Bone is not for the action you see deceptively Nikon portrayed in Nikon’s THEME promotional pieces, although for with slow pans it is cool.”


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