extreme 3d. future nintendo wii.

this shows true interactive 3d usage of the nintendo wii. whether you play video games or not, this is a very impressive virtual reality system that will probably be integrated in all future gaming experience. this guy is a little nerdy, so just fast forward to the middle part of the video so you can see the good stuff.

3 thoughts on “extreme 3d. future nintendo wii.

  1. Whoa I sorta know that guy. Met him at UVA. His family actually owns a chinese restaurant down the road from Ruth’s parents’ place on route 1. I googled him a couple years ago and couldn’t find a lot of info about him. Now he’s got a youtube video with 4 million views? Cool stuff.

    Speaking of wii… you got smash brothers yet?

  2. not yet! i just got xbox live… so i’ve been playing some halo recently!!

    i saw some of my coworkers play smash brothers. looks incredible!! i’m waiting for mario cart right now. heheheh.

  3. i just realized that you said you met this guy. wow. that’s pretty crazy!

    he does a great job articulating his concept. that guy is going to make a fortune.

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