guitar hero mini.

for those of you who either can’t get enough of guitar hero, or simply don’t care to pay for the game/guitar/game console, i found a little alternative (literally).

now you can play guitar hero anywhere you go. i’m sure we’ll see these little guys in cereal boxes or in a happy meal soon.

here’s a video of a 4 year old kid playing an insane level. granted, it’s not the hardest level, i’m really impressed and slightly intimidated by such a talented child.

on the other hand, you can play drums rockband. i highly recommend it. this video is of some guy on youtube showing off his amazing rockband drumming skills to a classic song (“enter sandman”)… however, i don’t think he’s going to be attracting any ladies with that pic of his room. pretty ugly setup. the poor guy is playing on some old school CRT tv. either way, props… i couldn’t play that song, even if i wanted to.

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