heartbreak kid movie review.

another one of ben stiller’s movies. slapstick humor… not really refreshing, consider that all his movies are of this nature. i was entertained, but it really isn’t for everyone. i probably wouldn’t recommend this movie, unless you’re a big fan of his movies. otherwise, you probably won’t have much appreciation for the pace/humor.

heres the trailer:

• some hee-hee funny parts
• an interesting twist here and there
• some partial nudity

• typical ben stiller humor/style
• really lame hispanic guy character
• not many memorable funny moments

i wouldn’t recommend this movie unless blockbuster is literally out of new movies, or unless you’re a ben stiller fan. i liked it, but i probably won’t watch it again. ever. ^__^

3 thoughts on “heartbreak kid movie review.

  1. i did not like this movie.

    i guess the point of the movie is….”once a cheater, always a cheater” and plus…the character obviously did not learn from his past. stupid.

    aiiiyaah. cheaters.

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