my (potentially) future home.

here are a couple photos of the condo i’m going to be bidding on. for the sake of privacy, i’m not going to disclose any of the details about square footage, rooms, location, princing, etc unless you email me personally. i just want to keep this blog entry exclusive to the concept of a new home. here are some pros/cons off the top of my head…

• build equity
• good time to buy realestate
• nice neighborhood
• very modern
• fits my taste/size/needs
• nice view, environment, community
• wood floors
• plenty of natural light
• i join the home owners club
• close to tysons corner and main highways

• not cheap
• not very close to a metro (although that could change in a few years)
• the kitchen could have better appliances and could use a nice renovation
• condo fee is comparable to other HOA fees, but it still sucks
• parking could be a problem… but parking is a problem everywhere
• you could buy a mansion for the same price in richmond VA **edit: ok a really small mansion, according to jessica**

cross your fingers! hopefully this goes through!!!

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