nintendo ds light + old school games (yuk)

bad design should be a crime.

“And the hardware itself is a disaster of industrial design; it’s much thicker than the DS itself, and with a cartridge inserted is as tall as the host system. (Famicom carts are about half the height of an NES cart, so anyone who could manage to dig up a Famicom-to-NES adapter would be in for a real treat.) The sides are molded to form a pair of hand grips, which manage to be at once too large and too small. Since it doesn’t draw power from the the DS, the Famulator requires four AA batteries. Oh, and it offers video-out — but its lousy emulation looks just as crummy on a TV as it does on the portable system. On the plus side, the Famulator is capable of playing advanced titles like Castlevania III, a task which most famiclones (such as Messiah’s NEX) choke at. Another mark in its favor… hmm. Actually, that’s about it. And its rendition of Castlevania III’s music will make your ears explode in agony. “

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