ogilvy fireworks, new years eve 08.

i know this is a little dated, but the fireworks coming off this building is incredible. i’ve never seen anything like this. looks like the building is blowing up! kinda scary… but it’s still beautiful. i wonder how in the world they were able to pull it off without the building going up in flames. do you think it’s beautiful, scary, or all of the above?

for those of you who don’t know ogilvy, it’s a uber-large advertising agency. david ogilvy was the original founder and he was probably one of the best advertising copywriters/creative directors of his time (in the 80’s). his ads were extremely text heavy, but contained valuable logical information. he was the master of word-smithing. (one of my heroes in fact).

here’s a classic book ogilvy wrote that my father has handed down to me. i highly recommend it if you have any interest in advertising, marketing, or the craft of creative writing.

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