old school camera comes back into style.

i’ve typically highlighted the high tech cameras/lenses because i’m a technology nerd (otherwise known as “technogeek” to some people). yes, i have a high tech camera, gps, computers, xbox360, wii, musical equipment, and the list goes on. in contrast, i’d like to highlight a camera that is extremely low tech and old school—old technology that’s still embraced.

his camera is called a holga, and it’s a plastic body and lens made in china. what makes it so special? typical film cameras shoot with 35mm film. the holga shoots with medium format film, and the film is MUCH larger (it’s 4″x5″), which means that offers higher resolution for reproduction. it’s great for blowing up photos to the size of a wall. the only drawback is their size. medium format cameras generally are bulky and lack the versatility and convenience of a 35mm camera. the holga, however, is slightly different because it was originally designed as a low cost toy for children.

this camera produces very interesting and unique photos. typically, they’ll have light leaks and major image distortions. nonetheless, that is the appeal of using them. there are a couple of major photographers that still use them.

if you’re tired of using that brand new digital camera, perhaps try using the holga. you can buy a brand new one for $70 at veer.com, or you can go to ebay and pick on up for less than $10.

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