replace fire/heat with a plasma screen.

first fish, now fire (and literally heat). what’s next? as much as i am offended by the idea of LCD’s replacing everything, will we one day be boxed in with LCD windows, with images of the an ocean front, with the smell of spring, and california weather? architects are already playing with LCD surfaces to create and transform different environments. hmm… as much i resent the ideas, perhaps i’ll have to get stuff like this to make my future condo look larger (using the same trick as mirrors, except with giant LCDs).

from (“household heater meshes with LCD, acts like a fireplace”, darren murph):
“Not really keen on coughing up the dough required to retrofit a chimney in your domicile? Fret not, dear fireplace lovers, as a somewhat chintzy new device from Japan promises to provide the heat your body needs along with the (artificial) glow of slowly burning logs to boot. From what we can glean from the wonders of machine translation, this creature boasts an LCD which shows a heartwarming image of burning logs while the vents beneath actually warm your heart. Not bad for Â¥25,800 ($241), not bad at all.”

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