single digit salary billionaires

these guys are called “single-digit salary earners”… and yes, they’re all billionaires. A single-digit salary earner is “a person whose salary is less than 10 units of the currency in which he would customarily be compensated with salary, but who is compensated by the employer via other means such as shares.” (source: that just means their salary is less than $10 a year.

Steve Jobs (Apple)
Jerry Yang (Yahoo!)
Sergey Brin (Google)
Larry Page (Google)
Eric Schmidt (Google)
Jon Corzine (Governor of New Jersey)
Arnold Schwarzenegger (Governor of California)
Michael Bloomberg (Mayor of New York City)
Henry Samueli (Broadcom Corporation)
Richard Kinder (Kinder Morgan)
Todd Rohal (The Guatemalan Handshake)

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