the origin of ANSI art—I was part of it.

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before the internet, there were BBS’s (bulletin board services) and IRC (internet relay chat).

people would have to log in with their old modems to view artwork, play games, email, and download warez and porn.

part of advertising these warez BBS sites was through artwork. there were a bunch of digital art groups with created ANSI and RIP art to promote these different “sites”.

i was one of the artists, and i went by two aliases: 1) malebolgia (the demon character from spawn), and 2) 69.

so why the abbreviated sigs? when you created artwork, you had to put a 3 letter sig infront of your file name to indicate that it’s your art. i have no clue, till this day why i picked 69…

i think i was too young to even understand the concept. (by the way, i was only like 14 or 15 when i was creating this art with my best friend, vinny kumar. till this day we still work together and have a company doing creative work.)

recently, a group of nerds on the west coast created a public gallery and website for people to review this portion of history. my artwork was actually included in this movement, which is a huge compliment.

at the time, vinny and i created a separate indi group called “flatline”, to compete against the long tail, ACiD.

i actually joined ACiD at the time, and vinny and I recruited their members from the back door. there’s a long story to the whole thing, but the short of it is that the artwork still exists… and our nerdiness has been celebrated.

see more of my artwork in RIP and ANSI:

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