xbox360 movie rental review. thumbs up.

annie and i went to rent a movie at blockbuster for valentines, but they didn’t have anything we wanted to see, except for oceans 13. unfortunately, we had to buy it in order to watch it ($20). suddenly, it struck me that i could do movie rentals with xbox live. we went home, and did a quick search for oceans 13, and in a second, it was there. we downloaded it and ate dinner. it took about 30 minutes for the HD movie to spool. just a couple comments about the experience:

1. it was very easy to search and download the movie.
2. this movie wasn’t available at blockbuster.
3. we don’t have to return the movie or worry about late fees.
4. it was HD!!!
5. it wasn’t expensive, considering the convenience. ($6)

1. it takes 20-30 minutes before it can start playing.
2. you have to subscribe ($$) to xbox live in order to watch.
3. the colors seemed a little too saturated for some reason.
4. it’s a pain the arse to type in your credit card info with their interface.
5. it wasn’t that cheap ($6)

overall, the convenience and ease of the service was great. i highly recommend it if you have an xbox360/xbox live to rent HD movies.

as for oceans 13… it sucked. don’t wast $6 or any $$ for that matter on that movie.