cherry blossoms in dc.

wow, i can’t remember the last time i saw so many people in one place. when i went to check out the cherry blossoms in dc this weekend, i drove with my parents.

driving was impossible. so was parking. one year i went with ruth and phil, via bike/metro—i’ll use that formula next year. anyway, here are some photos i shot.

FYI, i was told that the pink flowers are the “younger” blossoms, and the white flowers are the “older” flowers. the pink were more desirable and beautiful, according to the japanese.

4 thoughts on “cherry blossoms in dc.

  1. lol. yeah, there was a reason we cycled from arlington that one time …

    i was in DC the weekend before last. everything was already in bloom. so pretty! plus, i fell for a tofu soup place in annandale (vit goel/lighthouse).

  2. we should go! how can we ge to the festival?? it says it’s supposed to be sunny tomorrow. wanna go check out the cherry blossoms with me tomorrow am reallly really early? like 5am? heheh!

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