iphone for tmobile in 15minutes.

sounds too good to be true? well, i did it last night, in 15 minutes (with the help of a co-workers). i had a crowd of coworkers surrounding my desk as we hacked away at the brand new iphone. they probably were more intrigued b/c no one in the office had ever hacked a phone to work on tmobile. i’m sure you already know this, but ATT/Cingular has a 5 year contract with apple’s iphone. i either had to change to ATT (and pay twice as much for their iphone plan), or stick with tmobile.

the answer was simple. hack the phone, and use tmobile’s services. the hack can be downloaded from ziphones.org. it has all the instructions there. in order to get internet working on the iphone, i had to fumble around for a minute. if you’re having trouble, leave me a comment. fyi, this update only works for the 1.1.4 firmware model (all new models use this firmware).

• you’ll finally have a new iphone
• iphones are better than all the other crap out there
• it’s apple industrial/UX/UI design. it’s a joy to use it
• it’s an ipod, with all the benefits of a phone/PDA
• tmobile is much cheaper than ATT
• tmobile’s edge is just as fast as ATT’s edge network
• the hack is simple and a no brainer
• iphone allows nice “multitasking”
• it runs much faster than any other pda, in terms of UI performance.
• etc. etc. etc.

• the iphone is hard to type on, in comparison to a blackberry or sidekick
• when new firmware comes out again, you’ll have to hack it
• apple doesn’t support hacked phones (so you’ll have to flash the harddrive if you want their support)
• it’s pretty expensive ($500 for the 16g, and $400 for the 8g model). the blackberrys are about $400, give or take… so that price isn’t THAT bad considering all the perks.
• there’s no ichat program for it yet. so instant messaging! (that should change soon though)
• it’s not something you wanna drop on concrete

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