words of wisdom from a multi-millionaire.

recently, the CEO of my company (Hooman Radfar) went to watch one of our chairman (ted leonsis) speak. He brought back some interesting highlights of the idea of happiness defined by longevity, quality of relationships, productivity and strong mental health and positive outlook. He recommended five strategies toward achieving this end. (ted is a long-time AOL executive and owner of the NHL’s washington capitals.) learn more at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ted_Leonsis

1. Be an active participant in multiple communities of interest

2. Show gratitude and empathy

3. Engage in personal expression

4. Volunteer and give back to gain perspective

5. Engage in the pursuit of a higher calling

ps. ted is a cool guy. i threw a football with him at work for 15 minutes. nice environment to be working in!

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