kameleons + trillville

if you didn’t know already, vinny and i have been producing music on the side. we just started a few months ago, and we landed a really nice placement with trillville (an established rap group in atlanta). after writing 2 or 3 songs for them, they finally picked this one. click on “play kameleons song” to hear the instrumental. i’d like to put the full version with trillville’s performance on it, but i’ll have to encourage you to buy their album. it’s actually good, if you’re into the whole atlanta rap movement. they have a unique sound, and i’m excited to be a part of it.

more importantly, this song represents the beginning of a dream coming true. if you want to hear more of our songs, send me an IM or email—i’d love to get more feedback about our sound/direction. our new stuff is really coming out nice.

here’s the album cover! we’re listed as the second to last song. “undacova lova”

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