new dentistry practice in japan.

there is something totally freaky about this electronic doll… i would say, she’s just as disturbing as the CG animation website:

In addition to highlighting Simroid’s ability to interact with dentists and react to mouth pain, the show features an interview with Dr. Naotake Shibui of the Nippon Dental University in Tokyo, who helped develop the robot with engineers from Kokoro Co., Ltd. According to the interview, Simroid is modeled after a 28-year-old woman, and her fear of dentists and sensitivity to pain have earned her the nickname “Pain Girl” (Ita-gaaru). Asked why Simroid is female, Shibui explains that female patients must be treated with more sensitivity than male patients. With sensors embedded in her chest, Simroid can teach dentists-in-training to pay close attention to where they place their elbows. Simroid’s primary purpose is to help dental students improve their patient communication skills.

(hat tip:

there’s just something weird about the japanese folk. speaking of weird, vinny sent me this link yesterday. he actually thought that it was a real japanese game, “super pii pii brothers”. little did he know, it was just an april fools. regardless, this is possible something you’d expect coming from japan. would you play this? (i don’t think i would… but then again, the shock value is pretty high)

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