new potential home. part 3. ratified contract.

at last, the contract is ratified. i am now on the way of being part of the home owners club. condo owners club, rather. on top of getting the deal i wanted, the sellers threw in a ton of furniture as part of our negotiation. here are the following things:

living room: television/stand, black leather couch, glass table (i’ll be replacing that tv with a big LCD instead)

dining room: crate and barrel expandable dining table, 4 chairs

guest bedroom: bed frame + headboard, 2 cabinets

master bedroom: bed frame + headboard, 1 vertical book shelf, 1 vertical cabinent, 3 piece desk + shelving, 2 table stands

i’ll need some help with some decoration, but for the most part, everything is there. in addition, the seller wants to arrange a rent-back for 90 days, which means i’ll be collecting rent from them for 3 months. by that time, it’ll be perfect for me to move in at the end of the summer.

i’m excited b/c there’s more than enough room for me, my family, friends, guests, and dogs to visit from time to time. will you come to visit and party with me?

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