what’s madonna’s real name?

Madonna Louise Ciccone. did you know that?

(the only reason why i even asked was b/c i have a copy of her new album… it’s supposed to be backed by some super-producers. i wonder if it’s any good.)

** UPDATE: the album is incredible. the production is on point. wow, i’d love to write songs like this. timbaland and danja hands are incredible **

ps. this is a pretty horrible album cover design.

3 thoughts on “what’s madonna’s real name?

  1. wow, i did not know that.

    hmm…yea that is a pretty horrible cover.

    the only song i’ve heard is 4 minutes featuring justin timberlake. which i like.

  2. yeh, the album is incredible. the songs definitely make up for the things the album cover lacks.

    i think that the neptunes did a much better job than timbaland and danja hands. the song, “candy shop” has some of the best drums i’ve heard (by the neptunes).

    i feel like “4 minutes” (by timbaland) sounds too similar to the flo-ri-da song, “elevator”. it has a very similar arrangement (plus justin timberlake), which was a little underwhelming.

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