it was nice to get away for a little this weekend and fish. i really didn’t expect to catch many, but i ended up pulling in a dozen fish (primarily striped 18-24″ bass). not bad for one day.

i went to buy some lures from a local shop that my dad and i usually visit, and the guy said i was buying the wrong “set-up”. my goal was to spend the least amount of money and catch the most fish. everyone else in the tackle shop insisted quite the contrary. all of the jigs they’ve recommended in the past were overpriced and hardly brought in any results on the dock.

typically, i use a fake white plastic grub with a red-headed jig… which seems to be the tried and true in the early morning/late afternoon. i wanted to try a green grub for mid-day fishing (i figure something with less contrast would be less alarming to the fish in direct sunlight). so, i grabbed a pack of 7″ fake green grubs, and the shop owner said that those wouldn’t work because: a) the grubs i picked up were designed for fresh water fish, b) it’s not a natural shape/color/etc. i politely explained that i had a good feeling about it, and i’m trusting my instincts. the results: a dozen fish (1/3 were caught with the green grub during mid day, as i expected).

i even caught a sea trout. woot! what a treat.

6am sunday morning (hi tide).

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