katherine heigl. 27 dresses and knocked up.

recently watched two chick flick movies with katherine heigl (per annie’s request). surprisingly, these two movies were decent. both movies were extremely predictable no-brainers, but entertaining. if i were to recommend one movie between the two, watch 27 dresses instead.

• there were some classic chick flick “awwww” moments.
• katherine heigl was perfect for this role… other than maybe drew barrymore.
• there is eye candy for both boys and girls in this movie.

• really predictable sappiness.
• the guy they casted for the main dude character was too short.

• there were some funny parts.
• katherine heigl is eye candy

• the jew jokes got old really quick.
• story was really slow.
• the weed smoking got old quickly too.

3 thoughts on “katherine heigl. 27 dresses and knocked up.

  1. yes, he was tooo short, but still cute. ^_-


    yes, 27 Dresses was better than Knocked Up. (i didn’t really like Knocked Up).

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