Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull movie review. Wait for the rental.

there was alot of hype about this movie—i pretty much heard that it was horrible… but found it enjoyable. i’m not a movie critic, nor do i try to be in my blog. i’m just sharing feedback with friends. my opinion is purely subjective. with all that said, i enjoyed the new indiana jones. was it better than the old ones? probably not, but it was still fun. it looks great on the big screen, but it’s a movie i’d wait for as a movie rental. it’s hard to cough up $10 just to watch a movie now-a-days on the big screen. and if you go on a date, like i did, the two tickets, popcorn, nachos, and drink add up quickly! talk about mark up!

· feels like an old movie in the intro.
· cheesy special effects were actually appropriate.
· filled with action, as anticipated.

· not as strong as the original indiana jones movies.
· bad guys are not really that intimidating.
· not many memorable scenes.

i watched raiders of the lost ark recently… and i forgot how much i loved this movie. the intro was great—ala james bond. the part where shorty tells “dr. jones” to protect his heart. the part where the indian kid stabs the voodoo doll, and hurts indiana during his fight scene. the chase scene in the underground mining railroad. there were so many memorable moments.

i also watched the last crusade recently as well. this is my favorite by far. there was alot of action, comedy, and memorable moments in this movie… too many to list! this was the best indiana jones, in my opinion. what’s yours?

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