cool stuff. recap of last week.

i know, my blogs are getting weak. it’s hard to maintain the balance of work, life, and blog. here are some cool things i’ve bookmarked recently.

cool typographic scarf. this is definitely for you trendy graphic designers out there. as much as i love/hate the trendy stuff on veer, alot of it is really gool. this scarf, though not veer brand, is very cool. thank god the font isn’t comic sans.

very nice illustrations and color selection. it’s nice to see simple illustrations.

i mean, gardening on the streets… is there that little space in the world? i’ve been seeing more and more of this recently on the web. is this really sanitary? i mean, it’s cool, but who wants dog urine flavored parse leaves?

ah yes. moma. i was browsing their site recently. i am determined to make a trip to visit on this year. who wants to come with me??

a tie with a USB fan. i mean, this is something i’d probably use, though totally lame. thankfully, i don’t have to wear such nonsense.

though, not practical, this is a cool design. so pretty.

i need to go back to the hirshhorn museum too. who wants to go back with me?? i thought this was a cool exhibit. i’m going to do something like this in my office, but with a twist of “viral sharing”.

gotta love those futuristic ecosystems. this is supposed to be a floating eco-lily pad. almost reminds me of something future systems would have created. jan kaplisky wasn’t given enough credit for innovating the “blog” architecture style. expect to see more and more of this influence in new architecture.

cool bottle packaging.

this is an incredible photo of a tornado. how this person managed to get the photo and still survive is beyond me.

yes, i want this clock.

sweet. eames stamps. totally cool. totally classic.

i like this illustration. i thought it was very fun and web 2.0.

single purpose packaging. ridiculous or practical?

fake speed bumps. would this slow you down?

very nice exhibit. i want to build something like this in my new apartment, as well as in our office.

micro origami. that is one small crane. so cute.

i like how this designer did the area code. very clever.

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