july 4th weekend

went to my parent’s river house for the holiday weekend. they’re working on some additions for the home, and it looks like they’ve made huge leaps of progress in a matter of a month or two.

notice the concrete pylons. the house has almost doubled in size!

the expansion will accommodate a new dining and master bedroom. there will also be a new foyer/entrance.

we went to a parade in reedville—the houses and decorations were over the top. this photo is one of the many decorated houses—in fact, i believe this one is a bed and breakfast as well.

here’s doug burford, an old friend from richmond. he recently bought a home in reedville, and frequently stays there now. he is the founder of a (long time) family owned advertising company, has an outstanding sense of humor, and used to do sealteam physical training with me and mark a few years ago. he’s a cool guy, and likes to do stuff for the children and people. love that popcorn man!

here’s a photo of the parade. very uneventful.

low budget parade. driving around in fire trucks. woOt!

cute pup at the parade from mexico.

surprisingly caught a couple of fish.

beautiful view as always.

traffic on 95 always sucks.

look at jack and jada swim! who would have ever though a corgi could swim.

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