batman the dark knight. two thumbs up!!

okay, so my review of the movie is totally biased b/c i’m a big fan of christian bale. i’ll spare you the pro/cons. it’s a great action movie. go out and watch it on the big screen. it’s worth it. i mean look at the lineup of actors and actresses:

christian bale
gary oldman
morgan freeman
maggie gyllenhaal
michael caine

a big highlight was heath ledger’s performance. i always thought of him as the guy from “a knight’s tale”, and didn’t have much respect for him… but i was really impressed. i’m pretty sure it’s because of a little coaching from christian bale and gary oldman. it’s ironic that gary oldman is the good guy in this movie… typically he’s that bad ass you’d expect from “the professional”, “true romance”, and the list goes on (of all the warped characters he’s played).

ironically, i never saw christian bale playing the super hero action type… but he made a big break a while ago with “equalibrium”. if you haven’t seen it, i highly recommend it. it’s an action packed film that most people probably never seen. i was really shocked to see that he’d be playing the role of john conner in the new terminator. that’s a real shocker! i’m still voting for him to be the new james bond when he gets a little older.

again, go out and watch it. you’ll enjoy. (though some people said it ran a little long… i disagree).

6 thoughts on “batman the dark knight. two thumbs up!!

  1. i just watched batman begins tonight… wow, dark knight is so much better. katie holmes really stinks in the movie… and all the bad guys are really lame.

    they did a much better job in this new one.

  2. lol, i remember you LOVING batman begins. must’ve just been the christian bale man-crush …

    i loved the second but, given the hype, was disappointed it wasn’t even better than it was. still love the first (obviously minus katie holmes).

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