digital cameras shoot hd video

there are alot of cameras that boast HD video capabilities, but none are like the canon 5d mark II. you just have to get some nice lenses, but you’ll be able to shoot HD video with real nice DOF(depth of field). DOF is what creates that nice soft background. there are alot of attachments you can add to expensive camcorders that add shallow DOF (like a mini35), but i was waiting for day like this to come…

i may have to switch over to canon because of this one day. check out some screen grabs… (FYI, these are not photographs—these are screen grabs from the HD video). it’d be really interesting to see some people use a tilt-shift lens to shoot video. it could create some really interesting dreamy effects. check out to see some tilt-shift photographs.

here’s a pretty cool mug concept.

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