getting things done.

between work, writing songs for kameleons, helping my parents with their website, etc… i’ve found i have little time to do the things i used to do. i can’t remember the last time i’ve gone on a road trip, practiced jiujitsu, hung out with friends, or met new people. i barely have time to hang out with annie.

i’m so busy, i haven’t had a chance to get my bloodwork done, check in with my doctor, or pick up my medication.

my goal is to change this… but working more efficiently, and try to find a little more balance. i’m not sure exactly what the solution is, but i think i can figure something out by the end of the week. thoughts?

2 thoughts on “getting things done.

  1. thoughts: balance is good. it’s important. it’s necessary so you can keep up your pace and lifestyle over the long haul.

    i won’t lecture you (too much) on not taking care of yourself. but i don’t want to EVER get another phone call that you’re half-dead and/or in the hospital again. you’re an amazing guy. you’d be missed by family and friends and the world in general. even if you can’t balance your work/play life right now, take care of yourself … so you’ll be around long enough to have fun and accomplish amazing things in the future.

  2. thanks. yah, hyperkalemic paralysis sucks. i never wanna go through that again. ever.

    gotta take this medicine. ugh. it’s just so hard to remember to do between all the other things that have to be done on a daily basis. i’m hoping to find a little more balance soon now that i’ve got this condo locked down.

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