laptop died for unknown reason.

tuesday night, my work laptop failed to bootup… or rather, the screen wasn’t working. after doing some research (from my iphone), i found out that the motherboard was a suspect. fortunately our awesome clearspring IT team came to the rescue and transplanted my harddrive into a new macbook (not the NEW NEW macbook).

the good news is that all of my files were recovered very quickly, and i walked away with a slightly faster machine (from a dual 2.4mhz to a dual 2.5mhz). i probably won’t notice a difference in speed unless i do some rendering… which is ALWAYS a help. heheh.

i’ll probably need to talk to my boss and see if i can expense an external portable drive to back everything up. i used to keep a backup of everything, but i think it would save me alot of time in the future if i had some sort of critical failure.

i keep all my document files backed up on a document server, but it’s nice to have an external drive to backup all the system preferences, applications, and system tweaks.

i’ll post up some pictures later. FYI, opening up the older macbook pros are a pain in the arse.

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