moved into new condo

i’ve actually owned a home since the end of june, and i’ve finally moved into it! with the help of my parents and family friends, i was able to move about 95% of off my stuff into the new condo in one afternoon.

the good news is that the condo is semi-furnished, so there’s enough to get by. for now, i’m just trying to get my room straight, and then i will look into decorating the rest of the condo. the best part is, i have 2 roommates! this should help with the monthly mortgage. to be perfectly honest, the condo is probably way to big for just one person anyway.

since i’m maximizing space, i’ve decided to turn my tiny closet into a small music studio. it’s probably not the most practical solution, but i actually don’t mind working in a confined space.

so far i’ve set up the following things:
• lighting
• internet/wireless
• surround sound speakers
• dvd player/tv
• xbox360
• bed
• bought and set up an IKEA bar stool (thanks annie for helping!)

still need to unpack, but this is something i’ll chip away at for the next week or two. i’m starting to think about decoration/furniture/etc. i’ll be posting some pics soon. i’ll be requesting for a thumbs up or thumbs down, so expect to see more blogging soon! (i know, i’ve been really bad about it for the last 2 months… but hey, it’s been busy!!)

here are some photos:

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