new mac laptops. awesome industrial design.

alot of people said that they don’t like the new laptop design… but i beg to differ. i think it’s a huge stride in industrial design. i think anyone who dislikes this design: a) hasn’t seen it in person, b) has no idea about what they’re talking about. you can nit pick that the keyboard is black, or that the screen is glass, etc… but i think overall, it’s probably the best laptop design apple has come up with since the introduction of the titanium laptops.

i’m really impressed by how they’ve made their entry level laptop aluminum. what a smart and delicious move on apple’s part.

i’m hoping my office will replace my laptop with one of these babies—it sure would help with the video rendering and graphics work that i do on a daily basis. for some reason, i never have enough horsepower. feels like my machine is always lagging.

what do you think of the new laptops? played with one yet?

ps. if you check out their website, they have a video that has the vice president of industrial design at apple talk about the simplicity of the design. i really like how passionate he is about his work. it’s so inspiring. it really gets me fired up to make clearspring and addthis products much more simple. it’s easy to forget that simplicity means sacrifice. it’s a tough battle, but it’s something ALWAYS worth fighting for. look at apple’s results.

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