saving $$ on tmobile.

i was talking to annie, and she was looking at changing her phone service. during our convo, she said she was interested in the tmobile plan, and wanted to get the 400 txt message service. i realized that i had the unlimited, and did a quick check to see how many text i use a month—apparently, i only use 300 on average. there was only one month where i used over 500 (but that was b/c i tried to text as much as possible as an experiment).

interestingly enough, i discovered that tmobile also offered a cheaper unlimited internet service. as part of my new mantra of saving money, i wanted to see if i could cut anything unnecessary in the plan.

after downgrading to the 400 txt message service and the alternate unlimited package, i’m going to be saving $20 a month. doesn’t sound like much, but over the last two years of using tmobile with the service, i would have saved $480.

every dollar counts. it’s those monthly ankle biter bills that add up so quickly. now i’m splitting cable with my roomates (i don’t even watch it)… so they’re getting the better end of the bargain. i’m paying $80 on my end a year for it. though it’s not much, i wonder if i should opt in and say i don’t really want to pay for it b/c i don’t ANY watch tv. none whatsoever. am i being too cheap? thoughts?

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