a little holiday spirit with george winston.

i remember when i was a kid, and i learned how to play the piano by ear… as much as my piano teacher wanted me to learn from sheet music and play classical, i wanted to play stuff by george winston. at the time, no-one knew who he was, but it seems as though he’s very popular now. i’ve heard his music in the background of every mall i’ve gone to this winter.

here’s an interpretation of “holy and ivy” by george winston, covered by some guy on youtube. he actually plays it very well. i know how to play the beginning and end. there are some parts which are a little too technical for me though. maybe if i play it in slow mo i can learn it. heheh.

here’s a piece played by yours truly (the introduction of “tamarack pines”).

it’s actually nice to listen to acoustic music, in contrast to writing all the pop/hip hop stuff recently. perhaps there’s a way to incorporate the two together. mmmmmmm…

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