cool illustrations. gotta love pink.

i really like this guy’s style. he has a really interesting illustration touch. his use of colors is very interesting too. love the pink!

thought these water colors were pretty cool too. interesting concept.

6 thoughts on “cool illustrations. gotta love pink.

  1. ditto what alyssa said. his watercolors are definitely good too, but i seem to prefer the pastels. oddly enough, something about them reminds me of the german girls t-shirt you got in HK. (yes, the neon pink/blue contrast obviously, but something stylistically too.)

  2. You can’t paint with pink oil paints? Thats pretty incredible he uses only acrylics. I didn’t catch that before. I’m not sure how he gets that oil paint effect with acrylic paints!

  3. You can use pink oil paints… they just take forever to dry, especially if you start adding “texture”.

    acrylics dry very fast, but you can use acrylic retarders to slow it down. you can also use gesso to prime the canvas, which makes the paint dry a little slower (to create really nice blending effects) with acrylics.

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