home decoration: phase 1.5

just spent all weekend working on the condo. installed the following:

· 4 new dining chairs
· mounted coca cola mural
· installed large mirror
· large plant with vase and caster base
· nice furry rug
· 3 large frames with custom orchid photos
· 24 knobs installed on kitchen cabinets
· end table

see the original post here to compare and contrast.

4 thoughts on “home decoration: phase 1.5

  1. It looks great! Sheesh, I haven’t even hung up my painting yet! I love those clear plastic chairs. Where did you get them? And do they have bar-style chairs like that?

  2. thanks! got the chairs from ikea! i don’t think they have clear bar style chairs like that though… but there happens to be a really nice bar stool i found at office depot. ironic right? it was really stylish, for $60.

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