lcd or not to lcd.

i’ve talked about getting a new tv for the last year. prices have finally come down to a range i’m happy with. right now i have a a 37″ CRT tv in the living room. it works fine, but isn’t that sexy. i’d really love to replace it with something nicer… heheh. let me know which one you like the most (or if you have any other suggestions).

5 thoughts on “lcd or not to lcd.

  1. The best thing to do is go to a store and look at each screen and see which picture you like the best. As you know I researched for over a year before I picked the Samsung A650 series (btw the 52 inch is only about $130 more now than I paid for my 46″). The A550 is a lesser picture quality and is 60hz instead of 120hz. 120 will give you a much better experience when viewing with a blueray player.

  2. yeh, i’ve been looking at them for a while now heheh. i’ve definitely done my share of looking at them. i found that i don’t really like the 120hz b/c it makes movies look too smooth. the interpolation of additional frames makes it feel non-cinematic. not sure if you’ve experienced that with your 650. i’m sure, however, that the 120hz makes the image look much better for video games! heheh.

    hmmm… perhaps the real question at this point is: do i want to spend whole a lot of money, or a little lot of money for a tv. oh man a 65″ is so big.

  3. you’ve been struggle’n with this one for ages, buddy..
    yeah, the 65″ is a monster… you don’t really realize just how huge it is until it’s setup in your house and you sit back, going “whoa”

    i got the 46A650 for my bedroom as well — awesome tv, man! as for the 120hz thing, i only turn it on for sports to be honest.


  4. so i guess the real decision now is whether i want to spend 1500 on a 52″ hi quality image…


    2800 on a 65″. that’s over 1k for over a 12″ of more screen. so i’m paying a little less than $100 per inch.

  5. check a viewing distance chart to see if its even worth it for the 65″ if you sit too close to a screen too big it will hurt your eyes and it won’t look as good because you will see individual pixels.

    120hz is different from your talking about. You’re talking about AMP which is motion enhancement. Thats what gives it that smoothing effect. You can turn it to low medium or high..or off. The 650 also has a higher contrast ratio, faster response time, and a glossy screen (which gives a nicer image than the matte). However, how noticeable these differences are I’m not sure.

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