new painting series.

as i’m waiting for the first painting dry, i figured i’d start some new ones. i went ahead and purchased some smaller canvases. i figure i could refine my concepts in a small form factor and if something’s really gel’n, i’d just repaint it larger. you could say these are sketches. here’s some images for you to look at.

From jeffwongdesign

From jeffwongdesign

btw, i really like the way the red type stands out on this blue photograph… i’m thinking about trying something like this out. it’ll probably require a couple tests to get it right. i’ll have to experiment with some colors. cobalt blue, oh la la.

From jeffwongdesign

4 thoughts on “new painting series.

  1. yeh, i will be putting the stamp on all the paintings, and then putting a matte clear coat lacquer finish on it. ^__^

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