new typographic painting concepts.

From jeffwongdesign

i had some ideas for new typographic painted illustrations. i’d like to do gigantic paintings of type and web 2.0 acronyms. i’m definitely going to do the one above. (heheh, i think annie will like it)

From jeffwongdesign

here’s one for my buddy foo.

From jeffwongdesign

hopefully no one will rip off these ideas… (not that i’ll make millions off of it). but i feel that these are pretty expressive to me. i’ve never done humorous paintings/illustrations before with typography. i may have to start on these this week.

8 thoughts on “new typographic painting concepts.

  1. heheh… oh man these paintings/illustrations take forever to create. i’m debating whether or not i should just do large prints instead and just have them mounted. the artwork is already created, and i could just go to fast signs and get a really large set printed for like $100. I could have a giant mural in one day. thoughts?

  2. i’ll happily give you $100 for it if ya do it… 3 kinda big ones to put up on my walls, man 😉

    first one’s great too… {chuckle}


  3. hahah. yes, it’s bigger. i’m actually impressed that you noticed. heheh. wow, i really think this painting would be a fun convo piece.

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