painting continued…

From jeffwongdesign

so i worked on the painting a little more tonight. as you can see my work space is pretty simple. nothing fancy. i’m using paints from 7 or 8 years ago, and i found the canvas board in my room. the only thing i spent money on was the turpentine.

From jeffwongdesign

as you can see, the painting is starting to take some shape. i’d say it’s about 10% there now. i’m really liking how the yellows are contrasting with the orange… but the blue muddy color at the top has just got to go. for some reason the blue is very difficult to work with, and has an unexpected shift in hue when mixed with titanium white. i will never use that blue again. i should have bought cobalt blue—that’s a really nice dark blue that has a nice range and doesn’t muddy up when mixed with yellow or white.

i probably won’t have anything to report on this painting for the next week since the oils have to dry. any additional work will be at the cost of muddying up this base coat.

perhaps i’ll go ahead and pick up a couple more canvases… i’m already thinking about my next couple of paintings in this series. i think the next ones will be more minimal, focusing on composition, visual depth, and less color.

see my original painting blog article. this shows its origins.

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