virginity for sale — $3.7m

i saw saw this article recently. can’t believe this gal has her virginity for sale. i have a hard time to believe it, but it’s actually been done in japan for a very long time. is it smart, sad, or both? i guess to each person their own, but i’m not sure if i would have done this. the greatest question is, what part of us is not for sale? would you sell your kidney for $3.7 million?

The 22-year-old woman who is auctioning her virginity says she’s received some 10,000 bids topping $3.7 million, the Telegraph reports. The offers range the “graphically sexual” to “polite requests from rich businessmen,” says the girl, who goes by “Natalie Dylan” in the auction. “I am shocked by how far this has gone,” she added. “I didn’t expect so many people to bid for me, or for the amounts to be so high,” Dylan said. “It’s shocking that men will pay so much for someone’s virginity, which isn’t even prized so highly anymore.”

it begs to ask the dirtiest of all questions… how much is sloppy seconds worth? ew.

hat tip: josh

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