new coca-cola ad. happiness.

Coca-Cola “Heist” Ad from Threes Ixtyi on Vimeo.
as suspected, most brands will be focusing on “happiness” and “improving the quality of life” this year. i touched a little on it in one of my previous posts. it’s interesting how brands are focusing in on entertaining people as well.

when i watch a geico commercial, i typically have no clue what’s going on… it just feels like they want to entertain and then hope that i remember about them in the future.

what do you think? do commercials today feel like “advertising” or “entertainment”? does it make you feel happy when you watch the coca-cola commercial?

4 thoughts on “new coca-cola ad. happiness.

  1. i wonder if there’s any 30second commercial that could alter purchasing preferences immediately.

    all i know is that coca-cola is the number 1 brand in the world according to interbrand. i guess that comes from years of advertising/branding.

    would this commercial work if you put the pepsi logo on the product instead? hmmmm….

  2. hmm, nope. i drink pepsi as often as i drink coke though. i just think they taste different.

    i have been amazed by the recent glut of pepsi advertising.

  3. Very interesting ad (I don’t watch the superbowl, just the ads on youtube the day after). Of course, the blatant ripping off the Prokofiev’s “Peter and the Wolf” is what actually turns this from a decent ad into a stellar one.

    I think the challenge of advertising products that you can’t immediately touch or discern is simply to put the name out. People are (generally) ad-savvy enough to know when a product is being too aggressively pushed at you, but understated commercials like these are memorable and I think have more of a cumulative effect.

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