remote control "simplicity".

came across this and thought to myself… how can we make things more simple? is “simplicity” the answer, or is “simplicity” a result of a well executed design?

i’ve been working with jim, our UX director at clearspring/addthis, and the most important question we always come back to is “what is the real problem we’re trying to solve here”. that is essentially the most important question you can ask yourself.

so after looking at this “hack”, does this still solve the real design problem?

2 thoughts on “remote control "simplicity".

  1. The “hack” doesn’t solve any real design problem… It solves the common use issue, but fails to be multi-modal and oversimplifies for maintenance and calibration purposes.

    I think you hit it in saying “simplicity” is a result of a well executed design.

    A better solution would be programing a touchscreen UI remote control unit for various modes, common vs. configuration per device. An iRemote from Apple would be nice.


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