tree lighting.

whoa, this would be really cool for christmas time. would be cool to see an entire forest designed with these kinds of installations.

speaking of growing trees, you can do it with this… what makes it cool is the packaging. love how the grass bleeds over the edges. such a nice organic treatment.

2 thoughts on “tree lighting.

  1. mmm, i love the tree-lights!! and, the seed packaging def seems like something you'd like. remember when you went gaga for packaging of herb & vegetable seeds when we were in hong kong? jw = consistent.

  2. yah, i still want those little herb/vegetable seeds. they were cool… i bought a bunch of them for my coworkers in my former life. but i don’t think they cared for it. i travelled across the entire world to bring them back a really cool package. how ungrateful. i should have kept them for myself! x_X

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