do you matter?

if your company were gone tomorrow, would it matter? would your customers miss you? what if apple no longer produced mp3 players, computers, or software? what if the world no longer had google search? what if coca cola no longer produced their classic formula soda? would you miss them?

here’s an excerpt from a synopsis i read recently…
“Do You Matter? How great design will make people love your company certainly isn’t afraid to demand attention. All of the details — bright orange cover, too-tall proportions, monster san-serif titles, limited color-palate, grid-adherence so obsessive that even the cover format is the same as the pages within — just scream “I’ve been overdesigned to look simple!” Combined with the existentially accusatory title, it certainly succeeds in demanding audience participation, but it’s a book, not a graphic design experiment, and for it to matter to the audience, it needs to keep the reader’s attention too.”
read the rest of the review here.

order it here. i’ll be ordering my copy soon too.

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